LONDON UNEMPLOYED STRATEGIES (LUS) was established by the unemployed and their supporters including the voluntary sector and Trade Unionists.

LUS aims to give a voice to unemployed people to counteract the abuses and attacks made upon them by the government, the mass media and organisations such as The Taxpayers (‘work for the dole’) Alliance, and others.

LUS will also seek to give unemployed people the support and training they need to express their demands and issues affecting them in the most effective way to bring about real change.

Please post any views you have about issues, news articles, campaigns etc that are affecting you at the moment.

For more info about LUS contact:

Maria McCaul Coordinator from February 2022

mmccaul@tuc.org.uk and 07702 546 395

To get involved, post your comments here or on:



8 thoughts on “ABOUT/CONTACT US

  1. I.ve held my SIA since 2007 years now,I;Ve gain a lot of experience and i think i can show my skills and improve more in anther part of my sia licence,I,have work for a high street brand for years now which is full time 5,7 days a week and most weekends i work on a pub doors friday saturday

  2. Dear LUS,

    I have a colleague who has been placed on cmpulsory workfare from Urban Futiures (community work programme) and I would be gratefull to get more info.

    Also for myself i would lioke to join the unite Union and get info on my own rights and

    Yours GRAHAM

    1. all the best to our unemployed comrades in london and do remeber the right to food and shelter is everyones right.we have more millionaires as a percentage of the population than any uther country in the world.

  3. I am one of the ‘lucky’ folk with nil benefits and nil state pension, which now appears to be a state for life from the changes coming on and from 6 April 2016 with the flat rate pension. See why under my petition, in my WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT section, at:

    My personal website has the means that unemployment claimants have the power to unseat the sitting MP because they outnumber the majority gained by the MP in marginal seats.

    A good few of these are in London or nearby.

    I am not a member of any party, but The Greens offer ending all the cruel benefits regime altogether and replacing it with:

    – automatic and universal Citizen Income, in or out of work just the same.

    – Full Citizen State Penison, irregardless of National Insurance record, because this conditionality will deprive huge numbers of men and women of any state pension for life who retire on and from 6 April 2016 with the flat rate pension. And even those who paid NI all their working lives will find out they get absolutely nothing.

    Other parties listed offer the help to the poor that the big parties do not.

    The poor have the power today to change government tomorrow.

    Or else we can only blame ourselves for the threat to our lives continuing with the pro austerity big parties in power.

  4. Sadly The Greens have abandoned their social justice policy of ending the cruel benefits regime and replacing it with a Fair income, that they called a Citizen Income.

    They obviously need helpo to cost the policy (said by them to be about £280 billion) by showing that all the admin both DWP and private contract means nil funding implications for the Citizen Income, as it is just the same money already in all the budgets around welfare, in or out of work for people of all ages.

    You might care to contact the policy team through this email to try and save getting the £72 per week, without sanctions, without form filling, without the jobcentre, without workfare, and be assured of the money each and every week.

    Office Volunteer

    My interest was the Citizen State Pension, becaue it appears huge numbers of men and women will get nil state pension, sole food and fuel money in old age. Half the over 60s are within the working poor. Majority reason over 60s not in work is due to disability and/or chornic sickness. All those benefits being lost.
    See why under my petition, in my WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT section, at:

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