The first national conference of this kind for many years was held at the TUC last month.The day was well-attended by trades unionists both employed and unemployed from all over the country. Key points of consensus emerged from the day about the basic elements of a National Welfare Charter. These included:

  • An end to the current sanctions regime
  • No more Work Capability Assessments
  • An unconditional Citizens Income for all
  • Trades union rights and representation for the unemployed
  • Campaign for a minimum wage of at least £10 per hour to include apprenticeships and other types of training
  • Scrap Workfare – voluntary work should be completely voluntary and not substitute for jobs that should be paid at least the minimum wage

These and other demands arising from the Conference will be developed into a Charter, to be promoted through trades unions, the Labour Party, mass media and other means in the run-up to the General Election. The next open organising committee will be at the Unite Holborn HQ on 25th March at 1.00 pm.

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