Don’t pay more for your water than you oughta!

WaterSure Plus (Thames Water scheme)

WaterSure Plus is for low income households and aims to help them pay their water bills by giving a meaningful discount. If your household is on a low income (currently below £16,105 or £19,201 for London residents) you may qualify for a discount on your bills by applying for WaterSure Plus. For the year 2019/20 the discount has been set at 50% of the total bill but may vary in the future dependent on levels of income.


This scheme caps the bills for those on a water meter who are using larger amounts of water because of having a larger family or a water dependent medical condition.
If you are on a water meter and still use lots of water because you have a large family or a water dependent medical condition, WaterSure may be able to help reduce your bills.
If you qualify Thames Water will cap your water bills to the average other customers pay. For the year from 1st April 2019 that’s a total of £398 (made up of £210 water and £188 for waste). The amount changes slightly each year as bills change.
If the amount of water you use costs less than the maximum you will only pay for what you use, so the bill could be lower than £398.
All water companies provide the WaterSure scheme. If you are billed by another company you should apply to them in the first instance.
If you need more help or information, or you’d like to talk through how to apply or whether you might qualify, you can call Thames Water Extra Care Services Team on 0800 009 3652. Lines are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

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