1) NO to the new ‘Claimant Commitment’ This gives Jobcentres the discretion to push claimants into a 35 hour week doing jobsearch, and UNPAID work or training (the ‘work preparation requirement’). This is part of the programme to demonise and scapegoat unemployed people for a crisis not of their making.

2) For a claimant-centred approach to jobseeking – NO to sanctions, YES to help! UNIVERSAL CREDIT is designed to punish people claiming benefits through expanding the sanctions regime to people both in and out of work. LUS demands that the claimants’ aims, needs and ambitions be placed at the centre of the jobseeking process, with impartial and expert advice on jobs and training, rather than being forced to do unsuitable and unpaid work or training against their wishes under threat of suspended benefits.

3) End Work Capability Assessments: These are part of the sanctions regime and are used to force people off the benefits they deserve. A return to assessments based on the GP-patient relationship is needed.

4) Trades union rights and representation for the unemployed: LUS believes this should be an entitlement for all claimants, whether in or out of work, through membership of a trades union appropriate to their chosen trade or profession. As well as personal advocacy, this also means collective representation on issues affecting claimants in general at Jobcentres, Work Programme providers and so on.

5) Proper training, proper jobs: We stand against the increasing use of ‘internships’ where they are really unpaid jobs; against zero hours contracts and ‘flexible labour’ to suit the employers every need; and for properly-resourced apprenticeships that link up to relevant permanent employment on decent wages.

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